Sod - Construction

T. Bolton Sod Co. Limited has built a reputation since 1974.  Grading, Sodding, Watering, and Delivering – it is all done on time and with quality results.  Bolton Sod is committed to improving the way things are done.  Terry has designed a unique conveyor bucket for topsoil speed and efficiency as well as three large water tankers for keeping the sod green.  A roto-tiller is used to make an edge for new sod to meet to ensure an quality job. 

Sod HarvesterBolton Sod offers two sod formats – the standard 16” roll as well as the “Big Roll” which is 2ft x 108ft and covers an area of 216sq. feet.  The “Big Roll” requires as special sod layer to move and spin out the sod.  This format is best used in open and large areas or where fewer seams are required.  There are benefits to both formats, depending on the job.  Bolton Sod is equipped and experienced to decide where best to implement the “Big Roll.”

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