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Tips to Keep a Lawn Beautiful

Your lawn needs 1” of water a week – including rain when it’s growing in summer. You can monitor this with a simple tin can gauge. If you do water, avoid frequent light watering which result in shallow rooting. Instead, water in one session, evenly and slowly until gauge registers 1”.

Sharp blades are the key to a smooth finish; dull blades leave ragged brown tips.
How short? We recommend mowing Bluegrass at a height of 4 cm. This can be measured by placing mower on a driveway or sidewalk and measuring the distance between the blade and the ground.

How often? Never cut off more than 3cm of the leaf height at once. Do not let grass grow so tall it falls over. The taller the grass, the less dense the lawn, and the higher the chance of weeds.

Clippings: Mow frequently to avoid excess clippings. Heavy clippings must be removed or they with smother the lawn. Light clippings decompose quickly and help fertilize.

How much fertilizer depends on soil fertility, the type of grass and how much growth you want. Purchase fertilizer from a reputable manufacturer, and follow package instructions. Always water in the fertilizer to prevent burning. Do not fertilize in extreme heat.

Compacted soils do not allow air, water and nutrients from reaching the roots of sod. Heavy clay soils are prone to compaction. Core aeration relieves compaction by removing small cores of turf and soil to open up or aerate the lawn. Aerator’s can be rented from a local equipment rental store or hire a local landscape professional. Best done in spring.

Thatch is an accumulation of old leaves, clippings and organic material that has failed to decay. It prevents water and fertilizer from reaching the roots. Thatch can also breed fungus and disease, as well as insects.

Thatch can be removed by vigorous raking. This is a physically tiring process and if you are not up to it, vertical mowers can be rented or hired from lawn specialists.